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Talent Show/Market

Talent Show Vendors / School Supporters


This company was found on the belief of helping everyone through affordable luxury:  Our clients will learn about their purchase and save the most money possible; and their money will always go towards a great cause.
We are set apart by our mission and the quality of our products, and once you have experience CJ's customer service, you'll know you've found the go-to-spot for all of your jewelry desires.
​- Silver Necklaces
- Silver Earrings
- Silver Rings
- Silver Bracelets
- Gemstone Jewelry


We saw a need and got together to fill it. The world outside of our paneled, comfortable homes is slowly dying. Wasting away from poverty, hunger, malnutrition, disease and infections, slavery, war, and many other injustices. So we decided to do something about it.
GRAVITY LA was founded on December 21, 2013 to raise money to support those that are willing to leave their comfortable homes and venture out into the unknown and dangerous to bring hope, life, and love to those that are desperately in need of it. With a relentless and passionate intentionality, we can change this world together.
Let's change gravity.

​- ​Printed Tees
Pocket Tees
- Socks
- Beanies
- Necklaces
- Rings
- Pullovers
- Jackets
- Cell phone cases
- Tote Bags
website : www.gravityla.org


We are an inspirational/motivational company that exists to encourage, inspire  and strengthened others to live with all their might; living a life of purpose and significance.

​- T-shirts

- Hats

- Bracelets
"Be inspired and do what you love."  This quote inspired the beginnings of Mikukumi, a fashion accessory business all about handmade fabric button earrings and hairpins.
- Button earrings
- Button hairpins
- Headbands
- Button necklaces
website : www.mikukumi.com
We love waffles! Our mission is to share our specialty waffles to others. We want to serve people and to help the community one waffle at a time.
- Sweet & Savory waffles
- Crème Brulee waffles
- Pastrami waffles
- Drinks : water, soda, homemade drinks